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... to the monoatomics section of this website.

This is our particular specialist area, and here our ambition is to create the world's most reliable and comprehensive information resource on the subject of monoatomics used as a health supplement, plus provide a facility where you can purchase genuine, high quality, monoatomic products.

Monoatomic supplements (often called Ormus, ORMEs or M-State) have gained a lot of positive publicity in the recent past, but sadly, also appear to have attracted some charlatans along the way, aiming to cash in on the, around 300%+ predicted annual growth in the sale of monoatomic products. In a past newsletter to our customer base we issued gentle warnings that there appear to be a proliferation of new sellers who very obviously cannot be selling genuine monoatomic products - not unless they are doing so and making gigantic financial losses. We, therefore, would like to alert potential buyers that they may not actually be getting the genuine article from some of these suppliers, so please do be wary and choose your supplier carefully. We will not single out any specific seller, but instead, we will give you the information you need to enable you to be able to spot the genuine from the fakes.

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Knowledge is the most important resource in all matters of health, so arming yourself with this can enable you to make positive steps and the right decisions to suit your personal needs and objectives, and, everyone is unique.


carter pic Barry Carter

We are enormously pleased to have been given permission by Barry Carter to mirror all the information currently published on his website, Subtle Energies.

Barry Carter is undoubtedly the world's most knowledgeable, and prolific, publisher on the subject of Ormus / M-State elements, and the information he has accrued over many, many years of dedicated research will be made available in its entirety to visitors of this site.

Barry has amassed a huge and extensive information base on the subject, and transferring the data to this site will be accomplished carefully over a number of months, in order that we can do proper justice and accurately reproduce the vast amount of data available. While this process is being carried out many of the hyper-links on our web pages will link back directly to Barry's site.
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Many thanks to Barry for generously sharing his knowledge with all of us.

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