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The Little Book of CHI

... the follow-up to

The Little Book of ORME

It has been two years since I published The Little Book of ORME and a lot has happen in the world of monoatomics during that time. Along with selling Ormus, in order to help fund my research, my time has been spent looking at ways to integrate the concepts suggested by M-State into the real world by looking at, among other interesting things, the nano-particle world, in an attempt to link the world of 'ordinary' matter with the world of 'exotic' matter.

The outcome has been an exciting journey of discovery about the properties of both states, and lead to some interesting ideas, which I will here share with you including, extraordinarily, forays into the world of pure energy, the quantum universe and energy states. This culminates in a fresh concept on which to base a new unified theory of everything; one that links matter, energy and spirituality and hints at the real purpose that 'life' plays in the scheme of things.

Instead of going straight to electronic book format I decided to publish this follow-up in the form of a website. For those who prefer to read it as a more complete package it is now available to download in PDF format. Just click the link in the right column to get your copy — it's free of charge.

Additionally, Barry Carter, the world's foremost publisher and information source on Ormus (or M-State) research and development, has generously agreed to allow me to republish all the information contained in his own US based website, Subtle, to provide a second online information resource. This has enabled me to provide and link the general information on monoatomics with my own theories of how the matter and energy universes work together, on one website.

I am publishing this new work in the certain knowledge that I will probably upset many mainstream scientists and mathematicians, because I have engaged a very holistic method, using simple language, to describe how the universe may actually work, and this is likely to be fiercely contested, possibly triggering cries of 'heretic' from those in the research world. The reason it may invoke a reaction, I think, may be because, my model of the universe is very simple in concept, it works, and even provides explanations for some of the mysterious properties never explained by science, like what gravity and magnetism are and where they come from.

Contrary to mainstream thinking, I think the universe actually operates in a very simple understandable way, and not the complex one described by the world of high-science. I think the key to understanding how it works has always been in plain sight, and I call this the 'pattern'. Anyone with a basic understanding of how ordinary, everyday, things work in the real world should be able to grasp the concept of how this new universe works, but many in the profession will consider it just too simple. However, if it triggers new ideas in just one mainstream researcher, who then chooses to test the concept further, I shall consider my time well spent.

I make no claim to the ideas and concepts portrayed here being fact, they are simply ideas based on both the information I have accrued over my lifetime, so far, as well as my intuition telling me it feels sensible, fits a holistic pattern and it works. I am happy to have any of my ideas shot down in flames, or put to sceptical analysis, on the sole condition that the shooter is able to prove me wrong using real-world examples and not simply algebraic formulae that have no relevance, except in the secret world of pure theory that ordinary people will never understand. So, please feel free to shoot away, just as long as you are able to justify your bullets with real world explanations.

Because the web is a lot more interactive than book format, I have been able to incorporate on-site links to video material, to assist readers to get a fuller picture, and I would here like to thank all those intrepid YouTube contributors who took the time and trouble to upload various video clips and presentations online.

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