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Welcome to the ChiLectric Knowledge Base.

Here we aim to create, and grow, an information base that looks at the myriad of different health solutions available, with the purpose of expanding the knowledge base of our site visitors, and helping to inform, educate and discuss the pros and cons of the various health options, how they differ in approach and methodology, or compliment each other, plus the principles on which they are founded.

Many people approach the subject of health with highly pre-conceived notions of what is right or wrong. This is the result of, perhaps, a lifetime of being told how things 'really are' and what you are expected to believe in order not to be classed as a 'conspiracy theorist', but we are going to ask you to suspend that very restricting viewpoint and to open your mind to new possibilities and new ways of looking at old subjects.

Today, the big questions being asked concern what direction healthcare needs to be taking and how to address the different opinions and options presented as the 'right way to be going'. One fact is certain, though, and that is that the big pharmaceutical corporations are rapidly running out of ideas or ways to create new, patentable, solutions to cope with the expanding requirements of a, first-world, global population that is both living longer, and expecting to live healthier lives. Added to that, the rest of the world, quite naturally, aspires to the same standard, but often offer radically different approaches to addressing the same health issues.



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