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... and how to choose a reputable supplier.

This is not as difficult as it may seem if you just follow our four-point guide to choosing a supplier. On this and following pages is some sound advice on getting to know some of the basics about monoatomic supplements that can, we hope, assist you to buy wisely. There are a good number of excellent Ormus makers/suppliers out there, and over time as this site develops we aim to develop and publish a register, with links to them, once we have confirmed their professional credibility.

Where to find Ormus suppliers.
The easiest place to find suppliers of Ormus is eBay, and here you will also find the widest range, from all over the world, who market their products in a number of different ways. Some, like ourselves approach monoatomics from the point of view of a nutritional supplement. If you read our publication, 'The Little Book of ORME' (available as a free download from this website), you will get a clearer understanding of the more scientific approach we take in the production and sale of our products. Others approach the subject from a metaphysical standpoint, some claiming all sorts of benefits will ensue from taking their Ormus, from spiritual enlightenment to increasing your luck at winning the lottery.

We never seek to undermine anyone's beliefs - everyone to find their own happy path through life - but we base our philosophy on what is actually known about the characteristics of Ormus, and creating the methodology and practices essential to making and selling the highest quality products. So, here we are happy to share with you a few vital pointers to help you choose a reputable supplier.

POINT 1: It's a good idea to avoid getting poisoned
The most common Ormus sold is called 'wet-state' Ormus. This is made primarily from Dead Sea Salt, which contains two known monoatomic elements, with perhaps the most important for many being gold, at approximately 70% by trace volume. Other salt types are also used as source material, but Dead Sea Salt is by far the most common.

Ormus is extracted using a high concentration alkaline chemical process that 'shocks' the salt water solution into separating out the Ormus-bearing part, which takes the form of silica particles that are allowed to settle out before being racked off and washed several times, then eventually bottled. This process uses sodium hydroxide (also known as caustic soda) which is found in a wide variety of cleaning products, including drain cleaner. On a few US websites, for instance, some Ormus makers actually suggest the use of drain cleaning products as a cheap way of extracting their Ormus. Please avoid these at all costs. These cleaning products do not only contain sodium hydroxide, but most likely a range of other highly toxic chemicals, none of which is likely to do you any good.

ADVICE: Ensure your supplier uses only pure 'food grade' chemicals in their production process. Write to them and ask them how they make their Ormus and with what they make it. Ask them how many times they wash their Ormus and what quantities they make at each session. A little research can avoid your being potentially poisoned, and that is a pretty important factor when you have probably set out to buy a 'health enhancing' product. Also ensure, in advance, the the salt they using is also food grade salt, and not the cheaper bath salts that also possibly contain contaminants that will end up in the final Ormus.

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