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... and how to choose a reputable supplier.

POINT 2: Check how your Ormus has been packaged
This is perhaps the easiest way to establish if your Ormus supplier knows what they are doing and whether they are selling the 'real stuff' or perhaps fooling you into buying a placebo.

The monoatomic elements, which are the active part of Ormus are present only in trace quantities but, nevertheless, comprise the most delicate and important part, which needs to be properly protected if it is to be effective as a health supplement. The quickest way these elements get damaged, to the point of being completely useless, is by exposure to EM (electro-magnetic) radiation. This could be from common sources like Wi-Fi, TV or radio waves (e.g. cell phones). Protecting the Ormus monoatomic elements from damage is very easy for any Ormus-maker to accomplish, however, there are a number of sellers we have noticed who do not bother to do this. It is, therefore, most likely that the products they sell are completely useless, through EM contamination, and although probably not harmful, only useful as placebos.

Many emerging 'brands' are being aggressively sold on low price and might seem like a good deal when compared with the price of products available from smaller specialist suppliers, but are possibly a complete waste of money.

ADVICE: Only buy Ormus that has been properly packaged to protect it from EM radiation. Our entire range of products are sold fully shielded in metal containers. This makes the EM screening as foolproof as possible. Other genuine sellers provide their products in glass or plastic bottles in an EM bag (the sort used to protect devices like sensitive electronic components) that also will afford an adequate level of protection, provided that you always remember to replace and store your Ormus in the EM protecting bag between use.

Point 3: Check what water supply was used in making the Ormus

The prime reason most people are attracted to Ormus is because of the affect that Ormus can have with enhancing brain function. These are the types of Ormus with a high gold monoatomic content. The gold element acts to stimulate the pineal gland as well as (so Swiss research revealed) begins the process of rebalancing the left and right brain hemispheres, which in turn, it is said, leads to better brain function, higher intelligence and better body coordination. Some buyers are attracted to Ormus as an aid to meditation, and a way to achieve deeper and longer alpha and delta brain states. Once again, this relies on the Ormus having the proper affect in stimulating chemical and hormone release from the pineal gland.

However, this will not happen if the Ormus also contains a substance that will completely negate these benefits and actually calcifies the pineal gland. That substance is 'fluoride', a common chemical additive to many drinking water supplies, especially in the US and the UK. When our Ormus production was based in Britain we used only water supplied from Wales, which is fluoride free, then used EVA advanced filtration to completely remove all the other chemicals and heavy metals, before re-mineralising the water prior to Ormus production. This process guarantees the complete absence of fluoride or any other harmful chemicals or contaminants. Now that production has moved to Switzerland we have an even purer supply of fluoride-free water, (drinking water fluoridation was outlawed in Switzerland), which is also highly rich in natural mineral content from its mountain water source.

ADVICE: Before buying Ormus, especially if it is the gold element that has attracted you to purchase it, first check with your potential supplier that they make it using fluoride-free water. Ask them what process they use to guarantee this and the purity of the water used. If it does not fulfil the basic requirement of being fluoride-free, the very reason you may be buying Ormus in the first place could have been completely negated by the fact that it has no chance of working for you.

Also, in general life try to avoid all sources of fluoride where possible. Contrary to popular belief fluoride is not the beneficial chemical it is hyped up to be, but in official medical terminology classed as a dangerous and harmful neurotoxin.

We recommend that you do your own independent research into the subject of water fluoridation. There is plenty of evidence to confirm its harmful effect, and very little, if any, to support its claimed beneficial ones.

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