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The Science Delusion / Science Set Free [author: Rupert Sheldrake]

Biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, is one of the great original thinkers of our modern world
Unafraid to step where others fear to tread, or challenge the 'norms' which are hammered into our lives every day in the form of being told what we should believe, and not to ask awkward questions, Sheldrake takes us on a journey that seeks to address the issues where our 'scientific' world refuses to go, or even to look at, and which regularly defines those who challenge its 'dogmas' as conspiracy theorists, charlatans, insane and even heretics.

This may seem a contradictory approach for any real scientist to adopt, when it is considered that the prime objective of science is supposed to be the search for truth, for facts and for the constants that make up our universe. Nevertheless, a fact of life is that most scientists research only within narrow boundaries when seeking explanations or establishing laws, while poignantly avoiding areas that may take them towards the paranormal.

In stark contrast, Sheldrake tackles these issues head-on and provides experiment-based evidence that there is more to life than chance, physical matter, and the purely material universe - handling these controversial issues by testing them with the same level of scientific vigilance required by standard scientific and stastical research methodology.

The result is a fascinating glimpse into a world where the physical, material and spiritual can all happily coexist, and where all have their relevant value and role to play in the scheme of life.

FYI: The Science Delusion and Science Set Free are alternative titles for the same book, the former being the original title, and the latter being the title adopted for publication in the US.

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The Science Delusion / Science Set Free


"Thirty years after his first heretical books, Sheldrake's new one, Science Set Free, is a landmark achievement. No science writing has inspired me more."
— Deepak Chopra, San Francisco Chronicle

"Sheldrake drags ten of the most powerful dogmas out of the basement and into the light of day; and does science, humanity and the world at large, a considerable favour."
— The Independent

"For those of us who are suspicious of the claims of materialism it's astonishing, and also heartening, to hear a scientist agree that it's a hidebound ideology, dismiss the belief in determinism as a 'delusion' and call on the 'high priests' of science to abandon their 'fantasy of omniscience'."
— Robert McLuhan


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