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Defy Your Doctor And Be Healed...
[authors: Thomas Corriher and Sarah Corriher]

This ground-breaking book is a MUST READ
for anyone wishing to get a sensible and practical insight into the world of alternative natural remedies for the most comprehensive range of health issues covered by any book of it's type. It's really difficult to fault the authors' approach to their subject matters, since they steer a careful path around the metaphysical and stick firmly to real-world remedies and explanations.

The book forms a comprehensive 'go-to guide' when seeking an alternative second opinion and is both well written and uses non-technical - 'jargon free' - language, making it fully relevant and easily understandable by all.

Defy Your Doctor And Be Healed is available to buy direct from the authors' website, (price US$22, plus shipping - outside the US). It is also available to purchase in electronic format from Amazon Books.

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Defy Your Doctor And Be Healed


Your doctor is not your healer. He is your dealer. That is why diabetes drugs cause full-onset diabetes, cholesterol medications cause sudden-onset heart attacks, and the radiation from cancer screenings causes cancer. The system is designed to be self perpetuating, and to prevent us from ever being free. There is no money to be made from healthy patients, nor is there profit in dead patients. The money is made somewhere in the middle, in patients who are alive, but barely.

The detectives from Health Wyze Media have condensed seven years of research concerning all of the things that doctors never tell us, and they teach how to break free of the medical treadmill. This book is the do it yourself guide to health. Natural alternatives are explained in every chapter, to demonstrate the healing power of God's natural medicines. By discovering how corrupt the system is, readers will never see things the same way again. This book is the best health insurance that you can find for your family.

The medical establishment is one of few industries that remains well respected, because it has cunningly been able to manipulate the public and the media -- much more so than any other industry. As one of the hundreds of examples given in the book, cancer patients with no treatment at all statistically live four times longer and have a better quality of life, making virtually any alternative more effective. The medical industry's own mortality census shows that properly prescribed medications cause more deaths in the United States every year than any war in U.S. history, and this omits the mistakes and deaths by surgery.


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